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Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor with Helena’s Farmers; Market—a Saturday morning tradition for over 50 years. Helena’s Farmers market is proud to serve as a small business incubator for the many local farms, bakeries, specialty food producers, and artisan crafters around Montana. We have a commitment to creating a diverse marketplace with the highest quality, locally produced products available.  Please review the information located here to answer most of your questions, but we do encourage you to contact the Market Manager at (406) 437-1855 to confirm whether becoming a Day Vendor or a Reserved Vendor is in your best interest.


2024 Fees

  • Day Vendor: $25/day per 10' x 10' space
  • Reserved Vendor: $250/season per 10' x 10' space

Market Rules & Regulations

Please read our 2022 Market Rules for complete information about the requirements and expectations of participating in one of our markets.

Vendor FAQs

The market is restricted to vendors who are residents of Montana and who sell items grown or manufactured in Montana, or items that are value added in Montana.
The Market is free to the public to attend and shop. The fee to sell your wares at the Market for a 10' X 10' space on any given Saturday is $25.00. Additional spaces are an additional $25.00 each for the day. If you wish to reserve a space for the entire season, the fee is $250.00. Each additional reserved space is an additional $250.00.
No pre-application is required. Come Saturday morning between 6:30 - 8:00 am and find the Market Manager. The Manager will assign you a space. The manager's cell phone number is 437-1855. A copy of the abbreviated rules is given to you when you arrive; you must complete a short form acknowledging that you received a copy of the abbreviated market rules.
To sell baked goods, jellies and jams at the market, you must have a certificate from the County Health Department. The application form for this certificate is located on the home page of the web site. Other food/drink vendors must contact the County Health Department and obtain all the necessary licenses and/or permits. We encourage all food vendors to contact the Lewis & Clark County Public Health Department to confirm which licenses may be applicable/necessary to sell at the Market. Lewis and Clark County Public Health - (406) 457-8900.
No, if you wish to be a vendor and do not have a reserved spot, you must check in with the Market Manager who will assign a spot to you for the day. Please call the market phone at (406) 437-1855 for detailed setup instructions.
Yes. If you have a reserved space and you are not coming to the market on Saturday, you need to inform the Manager. If you have a reserved space and are running late, you must call the manager prior to 7:30 am. After 7:30 am the unfilled reserved spaces will be given away for that day to a different vendor.
Training for some programs is offered at the pre-season vendor meeting typically held the Saturday before the market starts. Please select the program you are interested in to be transported to their official websites: Montana WIC (Women, Infants, Children) Program  Senior Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program  Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
Yes, but space fills fast on a first come first served basis.