Reserving a space for 2023

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If you wish to reserve a space for the 2023 season, we are ready to start taking those reservations.  If you were a reserved vendor last season, please contact the Market Manager to make arrangements to reserve the same space you had last year or request a new space.  If you paid as a day vendor last season but wish to reserve a space this season, please contact the Market Manager to be placed on the waiting list so we may coordinate and map out all reserved vendors appropriately.

For the 2023 season, day vendor fees will be $25.00 per 10’ X 10’ space and the reserved space fee will be $250.00 per space without regard to the number of spaces being reserved.  There will be no discount for reserving multiple spaces.  Vendors may reserve up to a maximum of 5 spaces.

If you wish to reserve a space(s) for the 2023 season, a minimum of at least 12% down ($30.00 per space) must be received by 04/22/23 (the scheduled day of the Spring Vendor Meeting).  All balances owed for any reserved space must be paid in full by June 1, 2023.  If you are new to reserving a space this season, please do not send in the 12% down payment until the Market Manager has finalized the space that will be assigned to you for the season.

This year the Vendor Meeting will be held April 22nd.  Vendors will be notified of date, time, and venue prior to the meeting.  If at least 12% is not received on or before April 22nd, a space that was reserved by a vendor in the prior year will be deemed open and free to reserve to any other vendor or sell to a non-reserved vendor.  The Farmers’ Market Manager must know which spaces are reserved and which are available at the start of each Market Season.

Open spaces may be reserved by a previously unreserved vendor at any time before June 1st with at least a 12% down payment ($30.00 per space). The full amount of the reserved fee must be paid in full by June 1st.  If a previously unreserved vendor wishes to reserve a space for the season after June 1st, the request must be made in writing to the Board of Directors before the next scheduled Board Meeting (typically set for the third Wednesday of each month). For details on time and location of the next Board Meeting and to find out how to give written notice, contact the Market Manager.

For current reserved vendors, this means if we do not have at least your 12% down payment by April 22nd 2023 (Spring Vendor Meeting), you will lose your reserved space and it will be available to reserve by any other vendor.

As in previous years, the full amount of the fee for your reserved space must be paid in full by June 1st.

Reminders will be sent out to all vendors.

All vendors must fill out a new data sheet for the 2023 season because information changes.  Here is the link to the Vendor Data Sheet for 2023.

If you were not a reserved vendor last year, but wish to be a reserved vendor for the 2023 season, please contact the Market Manager at (406) 437-1855 or [email protected] to start the conversation of where we are able to fit you in.

Helena Farmer’s Market

P.O. Box 938

Helena, MT 59624

Please note that voicemails and e-mail messages are not reviewed daily at this time of year, so please be patient for a response.


  • Audrey Howard

    I am interested in reserving a spot for just one Saturday. I have crocheted shopping bags I would like to sell. Which weeks are available?


    The simple answer is there is no need to reserve a space for just one Saturday. You are welcome to join us for the day and be assigned a space at any time as long as the items you are selling fall within our rules. Market Rules

    For details, please contact the Market Manager. Her name is Kris and she may be reached at (406) 437-1855 or via email at [email protected].

    Thank you,

  • Patti Ward

    Would like to reserve a spot for 2024
    I have a laser art business. Selling 3d wood art, also will have an ice cream freezer for cones and dishes, and selling Cowboy Candy and pastries

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