Phase 2 Market Update

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As part of our effort to make the market a safer place under Covid-19 we have enacted new rules for vendors.

While these rules are required for vendors, customers are strongly encouraged to take the same precautions; please wear a mask if you are able, observe social distancing and make use of our handwashing stations while at the market.

Our market is typically quite crowded in the summer and attracts attendees from near and far. It is for this reason we must take extra precautions. Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time! With your help we can continue with operations while ensuring the safety of our community.

We’ve had a lot of questions about craft vendors and other non-essential vendors. All types of vendors are allowed at this point BUT until further notice we must keep the market to a maximum of 60 vendors. We are working on a plan to reopen the full market and in the meantime we will accept non-essential vendors on a first-come first-serve basis until we reach capacity.

The Lewis & Clark County Health Department has issued a set of rules and guidelines for farmers markets. Click below to read that document:

Health Dept Guidelines for Farmers Markets in Phase 2


Thanks everyone for your patience! We welcome your feedback; please email [email protected] with any comments or questions.



  • Christi Borowy

    My booth # is 164 C lee Designs.
    When you say first come first served for non essential workers, is that once you
    pay your yearly fee or once you attend the market for the first time?
    Also, could you tell me how many spaces are available at this time?
    Thank you much,
    Christi Borowy

  • c Jones

    I have noticed the last two weekends that some of vendors remove their masks to talk with people, negating what the masks are for. Especially the guy from the Clancy meat truck. What good are the vendors wearing masks if the purpose is not understood?

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