Helena Farmers’ Market is Hiring!

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(Part time seasonal position during last Saturday in April through last Saturday in October)

Nature of work:

1) Adult crossing guards are responsible for providing farmers’ market visitors with safe and
protected access across streets leading into and out of the farmers’ market location.

2) They direct the flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic to ensure no untoward incidents
protected access across streets leading into the farmers’ market location.

3) They locate safe gaps in the traffic flow to allow visitors to cross the street using hand
signals and signs.

4) They intervene in emergency cases in order to ensure that further incidents do not occur;
they may guide emergency vehicles into and out of the market location.

5) Other duties as assigned.


1) Adult crossing guards should possess a high school diploma or GED.

2) They will get on-the-job training as they perform their duties, using hand signals and

3) Adult crossing guards will wear designated safety vests/shirts/jackets to further ensure their personal safety.

4) Adult crossing guards should be able to interact with farmers’ market visitors in a friendly manner; and be able to react quickly to potential dangers that can affect those visiting the market location.

5) Adult crossing guards are employees of the Helena Farmers’ Market executive board, and operate under the guidance on location of the Farmers’ Market Manager.

6) Report to Market Manager at 8:50AM and work through 1:10PM on Saturdays.

Adult crossing guards will receive job performance comments or job corrective action counseling throughout the season, and an end-of-season job review/evaluation to determine merit raises of salary.

Prequalifications of Adult Crossing Guards:
+ average intelligence,
+ good physical condition, including sight, hearing, and ability to move and maneuver quickly in order to avoid danger from errant vehicles,
+ ability to control a STOP paddle effectively to provide approaching road users with a clear, fully direct view of the paddle’s STOP message during the entire crossing,
+ ability to communicate specific instructions clearly, firmly, and courteously,
+ ability to recognize potentially dangerous and warn market visitors in sufficient time to avoid injury,
+ mental alertness,
+ neat appearance,
+ good character,
+ dependability, and
+ an overall sense of responsibility for the safety of market visitors.

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