Helena Farmers Market Covid-19 Rules & Recommendations

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Helena Farmers’ Market Vendor Rules Specific to Covid-19 Pandemic


The Helena Farmers’ Market Board of Directors have adopted the following rules regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic.  These rules are in conformance with the directives by the Governor of Montana and adopted by the Lewis & Clark Health Department. All vendors must abide by the following rules until amended or rescinded by the Board. Repeated violations of these rules will be grounds for removal from the market. 


  • Vendors must provide a mask for themselves and any other workers at their booth. Masks must be worn when interacting with customers and market staff* or you must provide a physical barrier such as plexiglass between yourself and the customer
  • Vendors must observe 6 feet social distancing between yourself and other market attendees (except for other members of your household).
  • Vendors must assume responsibility for enforcing the social distancing policies in their own spaces. The market manager(s) will be responsible for common spaces in the market.
  • Vendors’ pets are not allowed at the market (except for service animals).
  • Vendors who handle food products are to wear disposable gloves and change their gloves if and when switching to cash handling. In the absence of gloves, hand sanitizer must be used  between tasks. 
  • Vendors must not attend the market if exhibiting any cold or flu like symptoms. If a vendor attends the market ill or becomes ill while at the market, they must leave immediately. 
  • All food products need to be covered or packaged when possible. If produce is displayed openly, please ask customers not to touch and inform them that you can bag their purchases. Sampling is not allowed. 

*5/28 update: the rules previously stated that vendors must wear a mask throughout the duration of the market. This rule has been amended to cover interactions between vendors and customers or market staff.



Additional Recommendations


  • A good booth layout strategy is to put an additional (empty) table between you and the customer. This enforces social distance and puts products out of reach of customers.
  • Vendors with more than one person manning their booth should designate one person to handle and bag purchases while a second person handles money and transactions.
  • Have hand sanitizer available to customers at checkout. 
  • Bring your own hand washing equipment if possible, in addition to hand sanitizer
  • Round prices to the nearest dollar amount, where possible, to cut down on the number of coins and cash changing hands per transaction.
  •  Bring plastic tablecloths (or clear plastic to cover cloth tablecloths) for easier wipe-downs.


View the full pdf here: Vendor Rules



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