Cotton-Top Pastries in the News

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My name is Holly Wiest. I’m a 31 year old pastry chef and owner of Cotton-Top Pastries in Helena, Montana.

I was born in Singapore to two 4th generation Montanans and spent the first three years of my life living in the middle of a jungle in Indonesia while my father worked as a chemical engineer at a cement plant. Eventually we made our way back to the states for a brief stint in the Bay Area, but made our final move home to Montana the summer before I entered second grade.

I’m a daughter, sister, girlfriend, and mom to two dogs and two cats. I’m a cardigan enthusiast, avid audiobook listener, unabashed NPR Sunday Puzzle participant, antique and dish collector, and lover of cheese and carbohydrates. I enjoy hikes, travel, dog walks, long walks on the beach, and cozy nights at home.

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