2023 Season Information

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This Market season starts April 29th and will continue every Saturday from 9:00 to 1:00 on Fuller Avenue thru October 28th.  This year the Vendor Meeting will be held April 22nd.  A new post will be uploaded with the date, time, and venue prior to the meeting.

All vendors must fill out a new data sheet for the 2023 season because information changes.  Here is the link to the Vendor Data Sheet for 2023.

We hope you had a fabulous 2022 season and are looking forward to seeing you again for an equally fun & profitable 2023 season.


  • Cynthia Dillkn

    I really enjoyed the market and am there most Saturdays all summer long.But what is with all of the dogs? The market is not a socialization training ground for dogs. Someone is going to get bitten or a big fight is going to break out and that could spell the end for the market which would make me very sad. Not sure how you end people bringing them, But last year towards the end of the season it was getting ridiculous the number of dogs that were there.

    • scottp

      Thank you for reaching out to us! So glad you appreciate the Farmers Market – we love it too!

      We appreciate your concern about dogs coming down with their owners. The Farmers Market is on the public street and as a result, unless banned by the city, we cannot restrict their access either. When dogs become a problem for the customers or vendors (for that matter, if the same happens with people), we ask them to move on, and if necessary, to leave. So far we have not had an issue and appreciate that most people, and dogs, are well behaved, friendly and courteous.

      We hope you will be able to join us for our 50th Season Celebration on June 17 – – in addition to all the great vendors and the usual fun time on Saturday morning, we have some special things planned. We look forward to seeing you!

      HFM Board and Staff

    • Rockartiste

      The farmers market is a great place to take your dog on a Saturday. The dogs that come to market are all well-mannered, well-trained and well-behaved dogs. Never have I seen a fight or anyone bitten. If tourists cannot bring their dog to a function when traveling, they do not come to the function. Most all markets across the country allow good dogs to attend and that is how it should be. Hope you find it in your heart to be accepting of our canine, sometimes cat and occasional snake pets in attendance. Most of the vendors don’t seem to mind. And the pets love it. They can pick out their own chew bones!

      Moderator Comment: Please ensure all pets at the Market are on leashes.

  • Przelot Balonem Cena

    What a great piece! You have a real talent for making complex subjects accessible and interesting.

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