06/11/20 Farmers’ Market Announcement

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Hi everyone …

The Farmers’ Market has GREAT news.  The Market is officially open to ALL – essential and non-essential vendors.  For the past two weeks, the market has been open to all vendors, but the board did not officially announce the opening until we were sure we could follow the directives of the Lewis and Clark Health Department.  It has worked out great.

Please note, however, that the Health Department has still limited us to a maximum of 60 vendors.  We currently have a pending plan to the Health Department that will allow us to expand the Market to more vendors.  During the last two weeks, we have had about 40 to 45 vendors, so we do have the capacity to increase to the 60-vendor limit.  We also are required, per the Health Department, to maintain a 6-foot distance between vendors.  We opted to maintain a 10-foot space because the line markers were already on the street.  This means you may not have exactly you reserved spot (if requested).  You can check with the market managers for more details.  Please check out the Covid-19 rules posted on the Helena Farmers’ Market website at:


Vendors and customers are encouraged to take the same precautions; please wear a mask if possible, observe social distancing, and make use of our handwashing stations while at the market.

We are so excited to have our family of vendors back.  We look forward to seeing you and we express our sincere appreciation for your patience during these past weeks.  The Helena Farmers’ Market is a wonderful community event and we all should be proud that we have been able to do the necessary work to make it happen.

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