Helena Farmer's Market - Parking Map Key



1.   Great Northern Parking Garage - This parking garage is free on the weekends. Located in the upper central portion of the map, it can be accessed by entering the Great Northern complex from either GetchellStreet on the south west corner of the garage or from 14th Street off of Front on the North East Corner.


2.  The small parking lot behind the New West Health Insurance building is open on Saturdays. Access this lot from Neill Avenue.


3.   There is a parking lot on the west side of Fuller accessible from Placer Avenue off of Park Avenue right at the center of the Market.


4.   The Wells Fargo bank Parking lot is open on the weekends to patrons of the market. Located in the center of the market, it is accesible from Placer Avenue off of North Last Chance Gulch (Note North Last Chance Gulch is a one way street heading south as the arrows indicate.)


5.   The Holiday Inn parking garage - This parking garage is free on the weekends. Located in the lower left of the map, it can be accessed from the north east corner of the garage off of 6th Avenue.

6, 7, & 8  There are three parking lots on Jackson Street located in the bottom right corner of the map. The best acces to these 3 lots is from 6th Avenue and turning North onto Jackson.


9.   There is a Parking lot on the corner of Lawrence and Park Just North of the Grand Street Theatre. This parking lot may be accessed from Park Street just north of Lawrence.

On Street Parking

There is on street parking on Neill Avenue between Park Street and Fuller signified by the light green lines. There is also on stree parking on West Placer Avenue between Park and Fuller signified by the light green lines.

Handicapped Parking

There are 4 spaces reserved for our mobility challenged patrons. These spots are designated by small blue and white wheel chair icon. The first is on the north end of Fuller just off of Neill behind the central garden area. The other 3 are located in the North West corner of the Wells Fargo Parking lot (see #4).

If you can not find a parking spot in any of these location, you know you have come to the right spot because the market is booming.

Helena Farmers' Market Map

 Click here for Helena Farmers' Market parking map key in a pdf file format.